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Process of creating a Garment from Scratch

To create any garment we use the same step by step process:

First, we have to make a pattern. A pattern is the shape of the garment that is used as a guideline during the cutting process. To make a pattern we have 3 different options, we can create patterns by pictures, drawings or by physical samples. We do recommend working with a physical sample, because it can make the process cheaper and easier. By using a physical sample we would already have the measurements. By trying on the physical sample, you can decide what you like and what you want changed. This way we can have your clear idea of what you want. Using the changes you wish to make to the current physical sample, we can create the pattern. When making patterns we found success by using this option because it can be more efficient and helps us avoid pattern adjustments later. In the case that your project is unique and there are nothing similar to it in the market already, we recommend our customer to play with pieces to create a sample that is similar to your idea. So, by the time we create the pattern we know exactly what you want.

In case you have a tech patch, drawings or picture, we can also create the pattern from it. However, the process is little longer and more expansive because you might need to make some changes that fit your preferences. Seeing your design in a picture format can be different to seeing it physically. So, the process can end up taking a little longer due to making changes to the pattern, so that the garment turns out exactly how you want it.

When we make patterns we use a special fabric so you can save them forever.  Some other companies use paper to create patterns however we prefer to use this fabric that looks like a paper but cannot tear. This way our patterns last longer, so you can use them long term.  We know how important patterns are and want to give you the best quality.

Also if you like your patterns to be digital we have that option as well.

After the pattern is created we need to cut the fabric following that pattern. Using the cut pieces we can move forward to sewing and creating the prototype.

After having the main pattern and prototype completed we do grading. Grading is making the other sizes by using our main pattern as reference. It is important to make sure the main pattern is right at this point of the process, so that the grading comes out perfect. If you are creating your own brand you can decide how big or small you want your sizes to be. That is the reason why some companies sizing can be different from others, because every single brand chooses how they want their sizes according to their own preference.

Next will be making the sample. We always have to make a sample so we can track our time for production. After the sample is made it has to be approved by you in order to move forward. This is the last opportunity to make any changes to the garment. With the sample our customers can see the quality and make sure everything looks good before placing an order for production.

Lastly, you will get your quote for production. Then, with your approval we can move forward with mass-producing your garment.


Creating a Garment from Scratch

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