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We are a garment manufacturing company located in Arizona that can meet your cutting and sewing needs. Whether you need a small clothing order or any sewing project, we can handle it. Our capabilities range from producing 12 to 5000 pieces. We can handle any project size or volume, meeting your specific needs, budget, and limitations.

To manage production and finish projects on time, we must create a sample. This sample shows what the final product should look like and helps us track production time. By having a physical sample, we can accurately estimate the time needed for each step of the production process. The sample helps us find problems and make changes before starting full production.

You would have to approve the sample to move forward and make your sewing production here, in the United States.

Our objective is to produce orders with the highest quality.

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Clothing manufacturers for startups

We are one of the few apparel manufacturers in USA that work with small businesses. We are experts in assisting up-and-coming brands. Small business struggle with high minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) because they can’t produce large amounts. We understand they need to test the market with smaller quantities first.

Hence, we’ve created a unique model that enables us to offer services without any minimum requirement. We can cut & sewn any orders in any size and color you would need, our goal is to produce quality products.

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We are 3m3 Creations, a phoenix manufacturing company with no minimum order quantity.

In this industry, quantity determines the price, and the more pieces you make, the lower the price per unit will be. Conversely, while production trial runs may not yield profits, they enable market evaluation prior to investing in bulk quantities. This is why numerous individuals opt for our company for the creation of smaller lots.

Each batch typically consists of around 12 units per size. These units can include any color. We produce one batch per production run.

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We are one stop shop, we cut & sew orders in United States, we have over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.

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Kindly visit our blog where we have created a video to explain in an easy way the process of creating a garment from the very beginning.