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Initially, we need to create a pattern for your fashion design. A pattern refers to the garment’s shape, serving as a reference during the cutting stage. 


Three techniques exist for making patterns: through images, sketches, or by using a physical sample.


We highly suggest utilizing a physical sample, as it can simplify the procedure. By having a physical sample, we would have the dimensions and you can determine what you prefer and what you wish to modify. 


We attained accomplishment in forming patterns by leveraging this characteristic, which boosts productivity and eliminates the requirement for later pattern adjustments.


If your project is one-of-a-kind and there’s nothing like it in the market, we recommend to our customers to experiment with components to construct a prototype that mirrors your concept, so, by the time we create the pattern we know exactly what you are looking to create.


In case you have a tech patch, drawings or picture, we can also create the pattern from it. Nevertheless, the procedure is slightly more extended and costly as it may require pattern adjustments. Seeing your design in a picture format can be different to seeing it physically.


After the pattern pieces are created, we need to cut the fabric following this pattern. With the trimmed sections, we can proceed to stitch and construct the initial prototype.


If you have digital pattern, we have the option to work with it as well.


Once the primary pattern and prototype are finished, we proceed with the grading process. 


Pattern grading

Grading is making the other sizes by using the main pattern as reference. Ensuring the primary pattern is accurate at this stage of the process is crucial for perfect grading. If you’re establishing your own brand, you have the freedom to determine the size range you desire. 


This explains why the measurements of some businesses might differ from others, as each brand sets their own sizes according to their unique preference.



Prototype Manufacturing near me

The next step involves creating a prototype. It is essential to always produce a prototype to monitor our production timeline. Once the prototype is created, it requires your approval to proceed. 


The prototype allows our clients to assess the quality and confirm that everything is up to standard before placing a production order.


Finally, you will receive your production quote. Then, with your approval we can move forward with mass-producing your garment.

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