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Exceeding your expectations, one stitch at a time.

3M3 Creations is a local Mesa, Arizona company with a sewing industry. We work with sewing production Apparel, Private Labeling, Uniforms, Swimsuits, Shirts, Blankets and much more. Our capacity ranges from small customization to large batch production manufacturing. We can also work with you to help prototype ideas from scratch and create the best sewn solution possible. In addition to clothing and fashion accessories, we can do alterations, custom additions to existing pieces, tailoring services, sublimation on cloth, embroidery and much more. We have over 20 years of experience.

Meet the Owner:

In 2011, Yesica and her mother moved to the United States from Colombia, where they had their own sewing business. After moving to Mesa, tragedy struck in 2015 when Yesica’s father unexpectedly passed away. Suddenly thrust into the role of provider, Yesica applied for a job and traveled to California for training.

Meanwhile, Yesica’s mother was having a very hard time without her husband. Yesica thought hard about how she could keep her mother busy and help her get back on the road to a happy life. While in California, Yesica found a large lot of used sewing machines and inspiration hit.

Yesica bought the machines, loaded them into a trailer, and drove them back to Mesa. The fact that she had never pulled a trailer before didn’t stop her. She was willing to do anything to help her mom.

She and her mother set up the sewing machines in her mother’s house and 3M3 Creations was born. The business quickly outgrew the house, so they built an addition. They quickly outgrew that space as well and now 3M3 Creations is in commercial building planning to expand more.

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The meaning of the 3M3 name and logo. Yesica’s full name is Yesica Marcela Montoya Moreno, so the three M’s come from her name. And an M on it’s side is a “3”. Also, the star is formed from three M’s and the colors come from the Colombian flag (yellow, blue and red). With so much attention paid to the details of her business name and logo, you know that she is the right person to handle the details of your job!